Tuesday, December 1, 2009

One more time and they are GONE!

That is the law at the moment for my sweet and very frustrated Snookie.

I'm not a structural engineer and neither is Snookie :-).

One thing our boys are into is MODIFICATION. They produce, write, and perform in their own version of Pimp My Ride... known around here as Pimp My Legos! It doesn't matter what the item is that we've worked on, following all the instructions provided in the books... the moment they stand up from the coffee table and head back to their room with it... they are making slight modifications. Once in their room it becomes a complete overhaul! Personally I think it is sort of frustrating, but it is what they like to do and they are being creative in their own way so who am I to judge!

That brings me back to Snookie and my structural engineer comment. Once Snookie starts making changes to his creations they don't always stay together or work the way they should. Even worse are the times that the image in his head can't be translated into the creation due to his skill level or lacking the right sort of blocks (not to mention the kid won't use WORDS when he is trying to explain what he wants, instead opting for a much less effect set of hand motions that I was not taught in Mommy School, this leaves us both nearing the teary eyed mark).

Fortunately with the other two, even if things aren't working quite right the world doesn't come to an end for them. They either move on to something else or continue to try different things until they are satisfied. Snooker once again goes for the less traveled road (oh but it is traveled by him DAILY) of throwing it across the room (legos will remove paint from a wall), yelling at the poor little plastic pieces, full on crying with the begging of the legos to just do what he wants them to do, and then the earth shattering throw down temper tantrum that two year olds' have perfected at WalMart. Did I mention the part where this happens DAILY!?!

After he finishes school in the morning, I remind him about his temper with the legos... and every day we go through the frustration of the legos, then the doom of having to take some time away from the legos (which, dude if you get so angry with them, you would think a little break may help your situation... but no). So today, I told him... "Honey, what am I going to say about your temper and the legos?"

"Don't get frustrated with them, ask for help if I can't do it, or put them away and play with something else or read!"


"Now my sweet little Snooker (yes I actually call him that... always have), I will have to take the legos away until SATURDAY if you can't control yourself, do you understand?"



We've had a few close calls already today... thankfully one of the other brothers stepped in to remind him "about [his] temper"...

For those who know the boys... this was the same type of problem we had with wooden train tracks until he was like 4! Fine motor skills are not his bag!


nicole said...

Oh yes, I know well what you mean, although thankfully it is not daily around here. I hope he continues to remember, for everyone's sake.

MommaLlama said...

Honestly if we can just make it through the rest of today I will be satisfied!