Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I see the light!

The last few weeks have been TOUGH! The boys have been in a mood... to say the least, and I was starting to dread every morning. And to top it off, I'm STILL sick.

But there is light at the end of this tunnel, and today was another marker of that!

Snookie is finishing his last page of Phonics for this year (well when he gets out of time out for throwing a fit about doing it the proper way... the last few weeks have been endless fits around here)! Woohoo. He was the last one still working on phonics. So here's the count:

Finished: Handwriting, Phonics
Still working: Math, Spelling

Finished: Handwriting, Phonics
Still working: Math, Spelling, Grammar

Finished: Phonics
Still working: Math, Spelling, Grammar, Vocabulary, Reading Comp, Handwriting (almost done)

Math will continue in some form all summer! Spelling will finish up in about 3 weeks for everyone. I am going to continue a grammar study most of the summer in some fashion (creative writing is something I think I'm going to introduce to them that will work with grammar). Bobcat's vocabulary only has a few more weeks to go, and his handwriting has a few more days! And everyone will be working on Reading Comp during the summer.

It feels so good knowing that my plans are working (much more quickly than I thought), and we will be done well before our vacation (with the big stuff)... so we can go and relax and not worry about what we are coming home to!

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