Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Blessed be the Lord

What an interesting string of blog posts I have just read. First, a great, feisty, hopeful post about the joys of a large family, even when they become teenagers, found here at Blessed Among Men.

Then a really inspiring post by an excited dad who the world would say is too old for another baby, found here at Catholic Dads. How great it must feel to be given one more ride just when you thought the party was over!

Then, a truly sad post from Aaron at Catholic Manhood, about their recent miscarriage.

And of course it got me thinking about our little godson's parents, who suffered so much before they finally made it all the way through, and couldn't be happier with this precious little guy.

Another couple we know has an infant in ICU, status post heart surgery. Apparently the latest news is somewhat optimistic, but they're far from out of the woods. Please pray for baby Gabriel.

Keep pondering, and there will come the obligatory moment of infertile people self-pity. But quickly remember that we're blessed beyond measure, and chastise myself for wanting what is not within my reach.

Of course, these ruminations always include our friend, Steve, whose only child was killed by her own mother.

God's ways are so far beyond our understanding. I don't know which of these things God actively ordered, and what He just passively allowed because of our own free will and sin. It doesn't really matter though, does it? All we can do is try to stay in a state of grace so that our own actions are not evil, and accept whatever comes our way with humility and obedience and a song of praise. (That doesn't sound very hopeful the way I phrased it, but I did mean it to be hopeful.)

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