Monday, May 17, 2010

Barnyard on the move...

As mentioned before, we are home from our vacation. We loaded up the barnyard one early Thursday morning and headed for the coast. Our seventh annual migration was a splendid success! The weather was great all 8 days, the water was warm, and fun was had by all!

This year we had the added bonus of our dear friends to come and spend the weekend with us! This shot was snapped of us after Mass... if you were to look on this church's website you would find our boys' pictures in there this year, last year, and I think even the year before... the lady takes pictures at EVERY MASS and posts them (funny and kind of weird)!

And of course we were able to spend time with our sweet little godson who was just too cute for words! Good grief... do they come any cuter?
Oh, and we got to try something new this year... building sand castles. On Monday Daddio was able to hop online and see if anything interesting was happening on the island... and there was a link for lessons on how to build sand castles. COOL! $45 dollars and two hours of instruction we had a huge layout with a tower each of us made! The boys did really well, they did their best to pay attention and mind the patience once we got down the the carving portion. Did you know that this was all done with 'hand stacking'. It was super cool.
The rest of the week I practiced different techniques, dug several holes to get down to the water table (I think if you passed by the beach on Tuesday you would see what looked to be gopher holes where I dug down for myself and for Snookie), and by Wednesday I really had it down. Here is a shot of the last one I built for the trip!
If you're in Port A you need to check this guy out! Sandcastle Guy

Now we're home and life resumes... :-).

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