Sunday, May 2, 2010

75.2 degrees

I'm supposed to be studying. I am studying. I'm on a very short break. And wondering if 75.2 degrees is comfortable for swimming. Because that's the water temperature at Port A right now. A little cooler than ideal, but it's going to be very warm for another week before we get there. Not yucky hot and humid, just nice and warm. A couple more degrees in the water would be great. Not warm like swimming in a kiddie pool (i.e., walk-in urinal), just refreshingly cool, but not freezing.

How about that oil spill, eh? We almost went to Alabama or Florida, which some reports put in the path of potential damage. Maybe it's fine and we're just getting doomsday scenarios from the media. At any rate, we will be many hundreds of miles away from oil, so that's a relief.

It's so hard to focus on market efficiency theories and historical price trends and liquidity risk management when you're going to the beach in five days. And your baby will be there! I'll be sure to bring my camera, as I'm wondering if his parents ever take his picture any more... ;)

Okay, back to work.

PS - Do you think I would look ridiculous with a buzz cut? I ran yesterday and it was HOT and I seriously considered a buzz cut for five minutes. I think that idea has passed. I should keep my hair before it falls out on its own. Plus there's probably a lot of gray under there. Never mind. Back to work.


Elizabeth said...

LOL! guilt trip? "I wonder if his parents will ever take anymore." :-) We have pictures I just stink at figuring out how to upload stuff to send to y'all. Oh yeah, and I still need a stamp for the hardcopy picture I want to send. And he's got a fiery temper on him so taking him to stand in a post office line isn't going to happen.

We're all so excited. Pigeon realized it's going to be Mother's Day when we are up there so she already made a gift. I hope you like it Mommallama! :-) Time will tell if I'll get anything from her.

nicole said...

Your beach talk is making me sinfully envious. ;)