Thursday, July 2, 2009

What time is it?

Me: Bobcat, what time is it?

Bobcat: Ummm... 400?

Me (irritated): 400 is not a time. Really now, it hasn't been that long since we taught you to read a clock. Maybe we need to do some more practice instead of taking off the whole summer...

MommaLlama (from the other room): If he's looking at the oven, it's pre-heating.

Me: Oh. Sorry, son. That does say 400, but it's the temperature. Go look at a different clock.

Bobcat: Ummm... seventy-one five?

Me: (silence... blank stare... calmly now...) Try again.

Bobcat: 7:15?

Me: Thank you.

The boy will be getting a watch - ANALOG, not digital! - for his birthday this year.