Monday, July 13, 2009

Vacation... (updated)

Ode to the beach... This year we were able to stay an amazing 8 days 7 nights! OH HOW AWESOME THAT WAS... I'm not sure we will be able to do anything shorter than this from now on... you really need that much time to just unwind! Another bonus of this trip included two other families who came down to the island the day after we arrived. They stayed a few doors down, and so we were able to hook up with them from time to time and all the kids could play... 11 kids!

First up, the beach house... oh what a lovely beach house it was (except for the ants in the kitchen, but it was the beach so I can look past that).

It's been a few years since our last dolphin cruise... we thought it was high time to go again, especially since the two other families that came had never been on one. Oh, and there were a few new moms out with their calves. SO CUTE!

Once again this year Bobcat and Bubba took to the waves on our adult size boogie boards. These kids are unstoppable!

I loved this particular shot because it is pretty much what we saw every time we were down on the beach... Bobcat in the water and all you can see of him are two of three things, head, trunks or his feet. Next year we're getting that kid snookle gear!

I'm currently uploading our pictures to our online site. Once I get them all updated I will post a link for those who are interested in seeing more of our trip! Click here if you have some time on your hands and like looking at other people on vacation :-).

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La Familia said...

Hey! Were back from our trip! I loved the picture of Snookie in the water. I kept telling whoever was taking pictures during our trip to take those special moment pictures and not tell them to stop what the kids were doing to say cheese. Because I was the one holding Mustard, I don't have any pics of him eating sand.