Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Meet my three

Through the extraordinary miracle of adoption I have 3 exceptional little boys! And on the advise of a dear friend and my husband, it is about time I put down in words what they have brought to our world!

So I'm pleased to introduce my three amigos to you...

Bobcat is the oldest. Nearly 4, he is wise beyond his years. Everyday he says something that it is just so... thoughtful or thought provoking. He is the first to ask WHY, and while he is trying to learn about the world around him... sometimes it just sends me into laughter with no answer proving to quinch his thirst for such knowledge.

Bubba is our middle son... and middle son is he ever, and a solid 3 years old in every way! Enough said :-)

Snookie, he is my little guy. At two years old he will probably be potty trained, reading, spelling... everything before Andrew.

So these are my boys. I will have to write more later... the amigos are calling for my attention!

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