Tuesday, July 20, 2004

The Big Announcement

Next month Andy and I will be parents!

(Shock and Awe sounds bounce off the walls)

At the beginning of this year we sent in our paperwork for adoption. We went to classes, had our home study, and then we waited. A few weeks later we got a phone call from our agency and we couldn't believe it... we were picked! We reviewed the file... medical reports, psychological evaluations, foster parent logs, etc., and everything looked great! So now you're asking yourself... how old, boy or girl, what is their name?

Drum roll please..... ddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd

Bobcat (Nov. 2000)
Bubba (Sept. 2001)
Snookie (Aug 2002)

They are 3 healthy, happy, and wonderful boys! Our boys will be coming home to us the first week of August. We will be meeting the foster mom the last week of July and then begin a visitation schedule with them shortly after that.

((((((Applause)))))))) We know that you will love the boys as much as we do, and we would appreciate your prayers! Now Daddio and I must finish painting the bed room, the beds (Daddio built them himself), and all the other odds and ends one must take care of when a new family is being created!

Signing out...

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