Sunday, July 17, 2011

This means war!

Generally I'm not a confrontational person. I won't say anything, I will simply let things fester! Oh how I let them fester, until one day I can't take it any more and ... boom! Granted this is a character fault I've been working on, and it has gotten better over the years... but it is still a thorn.

Now, when I'm having to deal with businesses, this can be tricky. Years past, I simply burned bridges and damned things to hell, never to return to said businesses... but I've learned patience, and that generally the people I'm dealing with are morons whe have no clue and the IQ of my 8 year old and really can't be held responsible. So you have to find the right channel in order to get things done... CORPORATE!

Enter in my current issue... medical bills. Ever since the boys came home, this is a monthly battle for one reason or another... but it all boils down to dr/lab not billing the boys' secondary insurance! I end up spending HOURS per phone call trying to get it resolved... even though they take all the information the day of the appointment (or even before that)... even when we've been there before and all they do is make another copy of the same info... I still end up getting bills that were never filed correctly. It is infuriating. Usually I just make the calls... set my cell on speaker and keep on doing the boys school work, or cleaning house, or folding laundry... whatever, you get the picture. This year I decided to try a few new things.

I'm currently in a stalemate over an appointment back on the second week of January. Every time we use this office, and this lab we have this problem. I know, I haven't learned... but this is Bobcat's endo, and I just didn't want to switch because I knew that we would be tapering off the visits because he was seeing his gastro to take care of the CD. Now I finally resolved the bill with the office after 3 very long waiting phone calls, and then one very to the point email which made it to the director of billing who called to apologize. Sweet, taken care of. I used the same approach with the lab... but to no avail. This morning marked the 5th bill, and the 5th time I contacted them. The first three times were by phone. Each wait time to get an operator was well over an hour! So on the four time I went to their website and left a message on their inquiry form (June 15th) with my phone number and the list of dates I had already spoken to them. NO RESPONSE! This morning, I did the same thing.

After I hit send, my blood was boiling and the wheels in my brain where just a' spinnin! I think a new plan of attack needs to be waged... THIS IS WAR! Since they won't listen, or respond to my once a month calls/emails... I will now log on to their site EVERY MORNING, and send the same inquiry simply adding on the new date to the list. Surely this will get some response, right?

If I had a nickel for every minute I've had to spend on the phone for insurance billing issues in the last 7 years with the boys... I would be able to buy the beach house of my dreams!

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