Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Vacation Destination

Okaloosa Island, Florida! I don't remember my exact words when I opened the door to the condo and saw all the way through to the outside, but I'm pretty sure it was something that was not quite as lady like as I would normally have it!  The kids were out of earshot... so Parent of the Year award is not in jeopardy!

One of the really great features of where we stayed was the chair and umbrella service.  Every morning these men would come by and set it all up... we didn't have to haul, or set up anything.  We would just walk down, set out our towels, and all day we were in the shade!

Then there is the sand.  It's WHITE!  Seriously!!!  We had to keep sunglasses on at all times, otherwise it was WAY TOO BRIGHT!  Daddio is convinced that the slight sunburn he had on his legs was from the reflection from the sand, not from being out!  It was intense, and nothing like anything we've ever seen before!

Well this is what you came for, right?  A picture tour of the beach!
The view from our balcony!

Also a view from our balcony looking straight down into the pool!
Our condo building.  We were in the unit in the bottom right hand corner.
The water was so amazing!
Now, the important aspect of this picture is SNOOKER!  This is the first year he was totally a daredevil in the water!
Surfing is in our near future!
Bubba practicing his Dead Man float...
It was so fun watching the boys actually SWIMMING in the water.  It was so clear, and pretty deep where we were that they really enjoyed exploring the area!
Bubba and Daddio.  Those two spent a great deal of time snorkeling!
The really cool part of this shot is not only Bubba and Daddio... but the dolphin in the background.  We had a pod that would swim by several times a day!  In this one, they are just on the other side of the sandbar... that's were Bubba and Daddio are headed!
A boy and his net!  He tried like the dickens to catch a fish... sadly crabs were all he managed!
Most mornings started out as green flag days.  The water was as calm as a swimming pool!
This is exactly how it looked... none of these shots have been adjusted one bit!
Well, I figured if I put in a few shots of Daddio, I better add one of me... otherwise he might choose one!

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Charlotte (Waltzing Matilda) said...

Wow! Holy cow is that white sand! I love your floppy hat!