Monday, August 15, 2011

Ring, Ring, Ring

"Hello, yes, Paddy Wagon people, I'm ready for pick-up!"

Parenting is like living in an insane asylum! Every day you have no idea what to expect from your ward. They could be perfectly normal, or they could be living in fantasy land that day, or the naughty/angry personality has shown up (un-invited). Okay, some of you wonderful, loving, ultra patient parents are probably reading this thinking that I'm off my rocker for sure this time, and what business do I have parenting with such thoughts.

Well, to your first thought... YEP! To the second notion... I question that myself!

So what spurred on these thoughts today, of all days... Anybody notice it is Monday?! I dislike Mondays; the only Mondays that are good Mondays are Mondays at the beach otherwise I bite my thumb in their direction!

This Monday started off like any other Monday, up and breakfast in a quicker pace than usual because the boys have gymnastics (just the summer at this time) at 8:00am! Snooker is NOT A MORNING PERSON! After he finally finished his breakfast, got dressed and all the other stuff they do in the morning, he knew he needed to do stretches. I asked about one of them, he lied about it, I told him he needed to do it... then hit the restroom before we left. As he walked away from he muttered under his breath (I should mention here he has a terrible back-talk habit)... "You just Shut-UP!"

Daddio relayed the morning's events to a co-worker, and she said, How old was he? Notice how I used the past tense because I already assume he’s dead…”

Oh, Mondays... why must you be so cruel!?!


Elizabeth said...

LOL! I think that should be the name for your blog... The Paddy Wagon Peeps. Loved what the co-worker said. And I SOOOO agree with you about Mondays! Before getting out of bed this morning I begged the Lord to spare me what may come on this day.

Bob said...

We have similar problems with Sara.