Saturday, August 14, 2010


This morning's run was cut short due to all the whining and complaining I was having to listen to. Normally I can block out this sort of behavior on a run, but I reached my limit and knew that it would be better to just go on home instead of getting angrier and angrier... If they were just a little older, I would've just sent them home (especially since our first mile ended at our street) and then gone on my merry way to finish the run...

What should have a 25 minute run (and some where in the neighborhood of 2.5 miles) was a rather just a mile. For that mile, though, I made really good time:

First half mile: 5:30 minutes (slight down hill on the first leg, and then up hill the second leg)

Total mile: 11:19 minutes!

I was pretty worn out after that first mile, so I know my second mile would have been a lot slower... but I'm okay with that.

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Elizabeth said...

I know what you mean about the whining. We went on a nature walk this morning and we heard it all the way from start to finish. It's gotta be the humidity.