Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Quiet on the western front

It's been a while since I've come over here to post... mostly because we've been a bit on the busy side. Here are a few of the things that have kept us on the busier side of life:

Bobcat turned 9 on Saturday (the 14th). Daddio took the Friday before off so that we could have his birthday adventure. We headed out to the Lego City store. Boy it was so nice to go to the mall (which I'm not a mall shopper) when it was EMPTY! The boys even got to ice skate at the mall rink. Then we headed to Boston's for some tasty GF pizza (ours actually wasn't GF, but he got one all to himself!). We headed home for a short intermission, and dinner... then we were out again to see a CHL game - the Texas Brahmas. Wow... the fans were awesome, sell out crowd (I was surprised), and a huge WIN!!! Woohoo, 'Let's Go Brahmas, Let's Go Brahmas!'

Saturday was filled with jobs. Daddio remarked after we finally made it to bed "I would never make a good day laborer... I'm just not cut out for 8+ hours of outdoor manual labor." Poor guy. He did work really hard... planted 100+ bulbs in the front beds, put another coat of primer on the back door frame, wash/waxed his car, and did all of the yard work. He did have a helper (or chat your head off and only stay interested in something for about 15 seconds and move on to play with an assortment odd things - helper) in Bobcat. Normally I would have been right there with him, but I was inside building a weighted blanket for Snookie... which took me a while, did the grocery shopping (alone, ahhhhhh), and took care of odd jobs around the inside of the house.

Sunday our director and his wife came over... small world... we went to school with his wife, she was actually my suite mate in college. Funny how things all fall into place.

Now we are half way through our week and I just don't know where the time goes.

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Beaver said...

What is a weighted blanket? This is intriguing...