Tuesday, March 1, 2005

What are friends for?

What a great picture!! Congratulations, we will have to go out and celebrate!! Are you guys going to be able to come to the girls party on Saturday? I am getting a bounce house!!

Shannon g.


Praise God!!! Congratulations!! I can't stop smiling!!

I am sooooooo SUPER happy for you all!!




Congratulations. They are lucky children.



I'm in tears looking at this picture. HOW WONDERFUL!!!!



CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! Everybody looks very happy and healthy! I trust

mother and babies are resting comfortably! ;-)




Ron and I are so excited for you and Andy. What a wonderful day the last day of February turned out to be. What a great looking family. You all look so happy. Just wanted to let you know that Ron and I are very, very happy for you all.

Love Stacy


Thanks guys for all your well wishes, and we hope to spend many more special occasions and firsts with you!

--The mom of my Three SONS!

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