Thursday, November 4, 2004


"I don't like it!" That is Snookie's new and most used phrase. He says it about everything, from going potty, to the pj's you are trying to put on him. And every single time he says it, I crack up... sometimes only on the inside and other times I laugh hysterically out loud because it is just that funny.

Since has been with us he has really gotten talkative... especially in the last month. To be honest, he never shuts up and that is pretty funny. He is always telling somebody something... some can be understood and some not so much. But he is trying and that is the great part. When he first came home to us, he pretty much only said "Mommy" or "Daddy"... and generally it wasn't directed toward us... but to just anybody who would solve his problem. So now for him to call one of in particular, or one of his brothers it is pretty darn cool.

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